Not a huge fan of Hopsin, but he seems to be talking about the right things in ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5. He’s actually trying to send a message here, instead of just talking about the usual rap topics, not to mention, it is pretty ill. All in all this was pretty good.

    Anonymous asked:
    i guess there are no songs that are swag?

    Haven’t posted in that section yet. :|

    Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad

    Lupe does work on this beat, from what the first two singles have produced, F&L2 is going to be amazing. Can’t wait

    Anonymous asked:
    where can I send my album submission?

    Anonymous asked:
    do you consider reviewing new music submitted to you by aspiring rappers?

    yes sir. Did you have something mind?

    Donald Glover(Childish Gambino) vent.

    Today, Donald Glover took to Twitter to tediously vent each and every detail of his current spot in the game, and to make us think with his post in his blog (see it here) is he the real Ghostface? Is he releasing new music soon? Will he uncontrollably fuck over the rap game by quitting? To the last question, I believe the answer is no. But it sure isn’t definite in these times. Shouts out to my man Gavin for putting this together. Check the full vent here. Stay a little harsh.

    - Jake

    In our second interview-related post of the week, we interview Cam Meekins; An MC straight out of Boston who recently signed a deal to Atlantic.


    Thewz - “Always Coming Back Home To You”